President's Report

2016 Annual Report


It is my pleasure to report that the Foundation had an outstanding year in 2016. We continued supporting and helped add new elements to some worthy projects in poorer areas of Vancouver, including afterschool programs at MacDonald School, the afterschool choir programs for at-risk children operated through St. James Music Academy, and the Streetfront alterative education secondary school program for students who had not succeeded in the regular school program. In China, we continued to fund a choir program for marginalized children of migrant workers in the Shen Zhen area. With the addition of several new and enthusiastic Board members, we were able to identify a number of new and equally important projects to help needy children in Vancouver, which we will begin supporting in 2017. 

Following the winding up of the Paul and Eileen Lin Endowment Trust with the donation of $310,000 to the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 2015, the legal dissolution of the Trust was completed in early 2016. In reviewing the status of the Foundation and its work, the Board decided to increase its efforts to find new projects and then hold a fundraising event.

During the year, we were delighted to have three new Board members who immediately took on responsibility. Lisa Tsai is the new Chair to our Fundraising Committee. Ben Choi is the Chair of the Development Committee overseeing an update of our website. Ivy Zhang joined both the Program and the Development Committee and her enthusiasm in reviewing potential new projects added inspiration to the hard-working committees.

We made a number of contacts in the child care related area and reviewed a few projects. In the end, we decided to support a new project called Brite 8 at Britannia Secondary School. Britannia Secondary School is located in downtown East side of Vancouver with many vulnerable and at-risk students. The program aims to help students successfully transitioning to grade 8.Senior students are trained to mentor the new Grade 8 students throughout the year, and engage them in different group activities. This type of program has been shown through research and experience at other schools to reduce the number of disciplinary referrals, suspensions, absences from school and drop-outs, and to help Grade 8 students successfully navigate the entrance into high school, setting them up for success in later years.

In 2016, the Foundation continued for the seventh year in supporting the Kids First Program at the MacDonald School. This after-school program provides activities to vulnerable and at-risk children who are experiencing severe academic and social challenges at school. This program is highly valued by the school and over the last few years has gained support from many new partners in the local community.

The Foundation also made donations to support the St. James Music Academy, an after-school music program for children, and the Street Front Program at Britannia Secondary School, which offers an alternative education program for students experiencing difficulties within the mainstream education system.

In China, we continued for the third year in supporting a children’s choir for the benefit of the children of migrant workers. The weekly choir practice and performance allow the children to develop their social skills, and raise their self-esteem and confidence. The children also attend personal development classes which teach them about manners and social etiquette.

We are most grateful to a number of supporters who donated a total of $30,000 to the Foundation in 2016. These donors have been supporting the work of the Foundation over many years. It is their support that allows the Foundation to carry out its work to help the children in need.

Lastly, I would like to thank the Board and also members of the Program Committee. Their dedication and hard work has made easy my job as President, and working with them is both rewarding and satisfying. We look forward to another great year in 2017.

Grace Chou
Feb 4 2017

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